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5 Reasons Group Tours are Awesome

Group tours get a mixed bag when it comes to coverage. I’ve seen everything from glowing reviews to seasoned backpackers proclaiming that it is the worst way you could possibly travel. Like every form of travel, there are pros and cons to each and every situation but today, as somebody who went on a group tour last summer, I’m going to tell you five reasons why group tours are completely brilliant.
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If you’re new to travelling

If you’re a first time traveller and are a little nervous about stepping outside of your comfort zone, group tours can be a great way to ease you into it. Pick an itinerary of places you like the sound of but don’t be put off if there’s a couple you aren’t keen on – you might be in for an amazing surprise!

Going solo

Last summer, I found myself in a situation where I could travel alone or stay at home – both of which were daunting prospects. With my confidence pretty low, group tour was a great compromise. Leaving to spend weeks with a bunch of people I’d never met was still nerve wracking but nowhere near as scary as taking off completely solo. In fact, once you’ve done a group tour, it makes the idea of actually jetting off alone much less intimidating prospect. But let me just say this: don’t feel stupid because you’re scared about heading off alone. It’s completely normal and that’s why these tours exist!

Want to get to know people?

Hit any well-trodden tourist trail and you are guaranteed to meet people along the way. What’s great about a group tour is that your new friends won’t be heading off in a different direction two days later. You get to experience amazing places and beautiful sights together which creates a bond stronger than you would expect. Sure, you won’t get along with everybody the same but with a bit of research into the type of tour that suits your travelling style, you’ll be with like-minded people that could become your closest friends.

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See and do more

It’s true that a lot of tours really do cram in the sights and while this isn’t necessarily the best way to experience a city, it leaves more time for you to explore away from the tourist traps. Plus, your tour guide will have great recommendations of places to see, drink and eat. I ate some of the best pizza of my life sitting on a side street in Italy thanks to my tour leaders recommendation.

It’s simple

Not sure how to go about booking transport connections? Or perhaps you’re just really pushed for time? If you want to remove the stress of worrying about where you’ll be sleeping the next night or getting indescribably lost in the countryside, a group tour takes care of everything for you. Most group tours include all transport and accommodation alongside some excursions and even meals! What are you waiting for?

Want to know more? Read about my Contiki European Whirl experience and Sail Croatia experience.

Laura x

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    Michelle | Daisybutter
    February 19, 2016 at 3:53 pm

    Such an interesting read, Laura! I recently travelled to Seoul on my own and didn’t book onto a tour trip – in fact I’ve never tried a packaged tour – but booked a day ‘tour’ where the company pretty much provided us with shuttle buses and then free reign. I met so many interesting people just on the shuttles and it completely changed my solo travel experience (:

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