Plans and Goals for 2018

How are you spending the final day of the year? My NYE won’t be filled with parties and glitter but instead, I’ll be snuggling up under a blanket with plenty of food and gin. Basically, starting the year comfortable and happy to represent how I mean to go on into 2018.

On this day last year, I was sitting in the Melbourne sun writing my best travel moments of 2016 and  to be honest, it’s totally blowing my mind that a year has passed since. 2017 has flown by but it wouldn’t be right to skip straight into my goals for 2018 without acknowledging some of the amazing adventures of the past 12 months.

2017 best 9

2017 in numbers

Countries visited: 9
Flights taken: 13
Days spent away from the UK: 162
Cars / bikes rented: 6
Blog posts written: 64
Instagram photos posted: 229

While it’s been filled with wonderful moments, the last few months have been a lot tougher. For the last few years, my mind was so firmly fixed on travelling that coming up with a whole new game plan when I came home was pretty difficult.

I’ve felt all the emotions that bring out the worst in me – worry, envy, fear, sadness, uncertainty – and I’m not going to lie, it’s thrown me off course. But with a lot of support from my loved ones, I’m marching into the new year with the intention of figuring a lot of things out. Which brings us nicely onto my goals and plans for the year!

Travel plans for 2018

My feet have been planted on UK soil for the last four months and well – they’re more than a little itchy to get moving again. Luckily, I’ve already got three weekend breaks lined up and it’ll be these keeping me going through those freezing winter days I’m already sick of. I mean, now that Christmas is over, it’s high time that we return to long sunny days filled with ice cream and walks in the evening’s golden glow. Or is that just me?

Berlin East Side Gallery

Summer daydreaming aside, I’ll be heading back to Berlin at the end of January where we have a super cool hotel booked, Copenhagen in March and Madeira with my family in May . Although the latter two aren’t actually booked yet…

Other destinations at the top of my bucket list include the Philippines, Japan, New York and much more of Eastern Europe so let’s see how far I can stretch my little pay packet shall we!

Life Goals

Be confident in my own decisions

I talked about how comparison has affected me in things I learned about blogging in 2017 but this completely applies to reality too. With all of my closest friends at very different stages of life, I’ve definitely been guilty of looking at others and thinking ‘oh god, I should be doing that too’.

Instead, I want to take the focus away from comparison to be happy for them AND myself without one taking away from the other. Listening to this CTRL-ALT-Delete podcast episode made me realise that we shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about and address this openly.

Take part in Veganuary

This is part of a wider aim to give my diet and non-existant exercise regime a bit of an overhaul but how generic is that? Instead, I’m giving myself smaller, more specific goals to focus on in hope that it makes them feel a bit more manageable. Saying that, even as somebody who went vegetarian in 2017, Veganuary feels like a huge challenge. It’ll force me to get a lot more organised with preparing my own meals and hopefully, lessen the addiction to cheese and chocolate that’s caused me to gain more weight than I’d like in the last six months.

Maybe I’ll write a post about how it went at the end of January if anybody would like to see it? But for now, just wish me luck – I’ll need it!

Save to move out

Moving back to my parents house after travelling has been both a blessing and a struggle. I’m hugely grateful for being able to stay home and save up as it’s a privilege that many people don’t have but equally, I’m consicous of being in the same position as I was age 21. It’ll be a long road before I’m able to buy my own place but with a Help-to-Buy ISA firmly in place, my goal for the year is to keep saving as much as possible!

I’m currently putting away around 30% of my wage each month so if this can carry on, while still allowing me to travel, I’ll be a happy bunny. God, how boring and adult does that sound!? Really, I just want my own space to fill with candles, fluffy blankets and all the amazing homewares that I almost certainly won’t be able to afford. I’ll be seeking out the Wilko bargains left, right and centre!

Well, it’s turned into another long and rambling blog post but I’m feeling really positive for the year ahead. I’m also going to be writing a blogging goals post so keep your eyes peeled for that if you want to see what’s coming up on Wander with Laura! My life needs some changes, that’s for sure, but that’s exciting right? Now, all that’s left is to wait for that clock to reach midnight…

What are your goals for 2018?

Laura x

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