365 Days

365 days ago, I sat in this same spot. Not much has changed when I look around me or straight ahead in the mirror. The words are still dancing just beyond my grasp, as they were then. It feels like no time at all but in those 365 days, everything has shifted.
flower fieldWell, here you are reading a travel blog so let’s start with that. I wrote once about how travel heals a broken heart so I promise not to bore you with that sob story all over again. Instead, it’s with utter amazement that I write about how having new experiences have changed my life in an inconceivable way. Having a one way plane ticket booked out of the country is something I never could have imagined 365 days ago and yet here I am with just over three months to go before I take off. But even aside from that, those adventures shape my life and behaviour every day and for that, I could never be grateful enough.

There are little things that have changed too. I’ve rediscovered how much I love music. While driving one day, that pure, absolute joy when you hear something you love suddenly hit me again. I hadn’t even realised that it had left but I’m so happy to feel it again. Every day things like having friends who keep you steady are the best things in the world. I learned that a tiny sprinkle of laughter and optimism can change your entire outlook on life – to the point of turning me into an insane and giggling wreck at times.

The most exciting thing is that among all of this change, I’m still learning. Trying to discover who I want to be is freaking awesome and trying to embrace this time is scary but pretty amazing. Maybe in another 365 days, I’ll be sat back in the same spot overanalysing everything as I am now. But hopefully, I’ll be sat on the other side of the world feeling just as excited about the future as I do today.

I have so much to thank the last 365 days for, along with each and every person who reached out to a terrified and lonely me along the way – virtual or reality. You crazy people make me so happy.

Laura x

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