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5 Things I Want to do in California

With three weeks to go until I fly out to America for the first time, it’s safe to say that I’m absolutely brimming over with excitement. Since two of my best friends and I decided to head up to Las Vegas for two days during our week-long trip, the five days we have left in California are going to be a beautiful whirlwind. The possibilities of things to do are seemingly endless but after extensive research and travel planning, I’ve put together a list of the top 5 things I want to do in California this time around.
things to do in California hollywood sign

Hike to the Hollywood sign

You can’t make it up close and personal, sure, but the idea of seeing the iconic sign in actual reality is absolutely mind boggling to me. Plus, the hike to get there will make sure there’s plenty of room for my next essential…

Experience the food stereotypes

I like to eat. You all know that. In fact, I talk about food more than anybody I’ve ever met so it’s little surprise that I already have a list of places that I’m ridiculously excited to eat at. Think In-N-Out Burger, IHOP and The Cheesecake Factory – what can I say, I’m a Big Bang Theory fan. I’ve already been salivating over the IHOP menu and it’s looking like a five course breakfast.

Celebrity spot like a pro

So, I made a pretty amazing discovery this week. As if I needed a reason to get even more excited, it turns out that the Oscars is being held while I’m there. Only the biggest, most famous awards show in the world! We were already planning to see the sights of Hollywood so while we’re there, a pit stop at the Dolby Theatre is an essential to see them rolling out the red carpet. If my future husband Ryan Gosling is in town too, that would be a particularly wonderful bonus.

venice beach

Visit a theme park

It’s got to be done. With the pretty great choice of Disney, Six Flags or Universal Studios, we still aren’t sure which we’re going to go for. There’s something about visiting the original Disneyland that feels really special but the other two have their major perks too. The one thing I’m extremely gutted about? The Wizarding World of Harry Potter doesn’t open in California until April 6th.

Hit the beach

Venice beach, Santa Monica Pier – a day by the seafront is exactly what my rain-bedraggled self needs right now. Enough said really.

Are there any other essential things that should be added to my California to-do list?

Laura x

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