Rainy day reading

Crunching across frosted-tipped grass. Waking up to fluffy blankets of snow covering the ground, leaving the world clean and bright. That’s the picture-perfect vision of a UK winter. In reality, rather than skipping outside to build a snowman, I can bet that most of us have spent January wrapping up warm against the biting cold and even better, not leaving the house at all where possible. So, for those days where hibernating under a duvet feels more tempting than getting out to explore, I’ve collected a few of my favourite rainy day reading for when you’re in need of some travel inspiration.
water streams30 reasons you should take a year off and travel to Australia
Like I needed any more persuading, this blog post almost had me backing my bags straight away. Oz is calling me!

How do you afford to travel?
A fantastic article that breaks down the common question into three parts. Even as somebody who prioritises holidays over almost anything else in life, I’ve been guilty of saying this and this puts everything into great perspective.

The 10 biggest travel mistakes and how to avoid them
Christy and Scott from Ordinary Traveler collated a list of the most common travel mistakes and how to avoid them so you’re super organised for your trip before you get started!

12 secret beaches in Europe you should add to your bucket list
If you’re a lover of the sunny relaxing beach break, this article is heavenly reading. There’s a couple of stunners in Croatia that particularly caught my eye…any excuse to go back right?

15 quotes that will reignite your wanderlust fire
And finally, if you’re feeling a little uninspired, this article from Hostelworld will get you dreaming of your next trip all over again. Who else wants to fly away right now?

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