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Walking Tour of Rome with Contiki

Early the next morning, we said goodbye to Venice and I slept almost the entire journey to Rome. My expectations of a coach trip were pretty low but within a few days, we were all so comfortable on our home-from-home that we couldn’t help nodding off each time we set off somewhere new.
We arrived in Rome and after catching our first glimpse of St Peter’s Basilica from the coach, we were dropped off in front of the Altare della Patria to begin our walk through the city.Altare della Patria Rome

Altare della PatriaI was super excited to see the Trevi fountain but disappointingly, renovation works for the past year or two left it almost completely blocked off and without water.Trevi fountain RomeI just had to cheer myself up with a gelato before climbing the Spanish Steps.Spanish Steps Rome
Rome Spanish Steps
Rome fountainNext stop was the Pantheon where the dome remains the world’s largest unreinforced dome, despite being built two thousand years ago. Yep, we really did cram in the sights!Pantheon
Rome Pantheon
Inside PantheonPantheon fountainOur final stop led us to Piazza Navona where the Fountain of Four Rivers is located. My inner nerd did a little squeal here as this is one of the places featured in Dan Brown’s book ‘Angels and Demons’. From here, it was off to find food down one of the side streets and of course, I just had to go for pasta again.Rome CarbonaraCarbonara in Italty tastes pretty different to how we make it in the UK as they use eggs rather than cream but man, is it good. Luckily, there was a gelato shop across the street for a post-dinner sugar fix.Gelato RomeI went chocolate themed with a white and chocolate orange serving.  Yum. A little early for our meeting time, Julia and I checked out some of the shops lining the square, including the strangest place I’ve ever been!

It was decorated amazingly with a wonderland theme but was filled with stuffed animals, creepy dolls and gnomes, making it a surreal experience to say the least. Leaving the store quickly, it was time to leave for our campsite where we were spending two nights in the cutest log cabins!The next day promised excitement as we had trips to the Vatican and the Colosseum planned – two of the places that I had been excited to visit forever. Make sure you’re following so you don’t miss the next installment…

Laura x

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