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Whether it’s flipping through photo albums (way too regularly to admit) or laughing with friends about ridiculous times we’ve had together, I’m definitely a girl who likes to reminisce. Who doesn’t? Especially those memories with a rose-tinted glow of perfection about them. Today, to kick off a series of travel stories, I’m going to share my favourite night from my last holiday in Croatia.

Let’s set the scene: Sail Croatia ships lined up in a port, captained by pirates and sailors enjoying happy hour. Just five minutes down the waterfront was a cave. When the pirates and sailors went exploring flashing lights and throbbing music drew them into the cave to stories croatiaBeing a very unobservant sailor girl, it got later and later until I looked around and realised that I didn’t recognise any of the faces around me. You may wonder why I didn’t notice beforehand but when every single person in the cave is wearing stripes and caps, believe me, it’s easier than you think to get swept away. Venturing outside, I was reunited with the beautiful Jess and we hatched a cunning plan.

You see, earlier that day, we’d woken up to find almost all of our inflatables had disappeared. Two lilos weren’t quite cutting it for us and while we’d intended on enacting our revenge earlier, the opportunity hadn’t presented itself just yet. But now, we decided, was the perfect time. But while we were very much focused on our mission, I insisted that we make a quick detour for food. Of course.

We located the rival boat on the pier and navigated our way across three others to reach it – recruiting Briar along the way. But our plan was nearly thwarted when we tried to pull the first rubber ring onto the deck and discovered they were all tied down! However, we weren’t so easily defeated and after some impressive drunken acrobatics, Jess untied the inflatables from their lower deck then passed them up to me to launch over to Briar on the following boat.

Mission complete, I emerged onto the dock, clutching armfuls of inflatables in one hand and a half eaten chicken sandwich in the other. We felt so triumphant – until waking up the next morning and realising that leaving the valuables unsecured once more had left us significantly worse off than a few hours before…

Laura x

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