4 Reasons to put the Great Ocean Road on your Bucket List

It’s one of Australia’s greatest road trips, a must on every backpackers to-do list, but the Great Ocean Road holds charms unlike any other scenic drive I’ve done! With only a quickfire trip under my belt, I can imagine this is somewhat of an incomplete list. But let’s dive straight in and hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves…

Great Ocean Road sunset

The sunsets

After living on a peninsula surrounded by beaches, I can sometimes take for granted amazing sunsets. However, if you’re driving this stretch of coastline for a good few days, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll see some gorgeous skies. Our overnight accommodation was near Port Campbell, the home of the famous Twelve Apostles, so we just had to take advantage….

twelve apostles sunset

Even in the short 45 minutes of our visit, the shades of sky ranged from vibrant drama to hazy pastels. I couldn’t tear my eyes away! Also, there are just 8 Apostles left due to erosion so there’s even more reason to get your trip booked now!

twelve apostles

The beaches

Compared to the East and West coasts of Australia, Victoria gets very little credit for its beaches. But with famous surf towns like Torquay and Anglesea lining the Great Ocean Road, it seems like every corner you turn reveals yet another stunning expanse of sand!

beach great ocean road

Visit the famous Bells Beach, home to the world’s longest-running surf competition by Rip Curl or head further along the coast to quieter stretches past Lorne. Your expectations should rightly be high – expect frothy waves, vivid blues and pristine golden sands!

bells beach

It was hard not to get out of the car at each and every one! But when we did head down onto one, Jamie quickly made a new friend…

dog on beach

The activities

There is so much to do along the Great Ocean Road! Watersports are an obvious choice – choose from surfing, bodyboarding, paddleboarding and more. Budget travellers will appreciate the huge number of free walking trails – we definitely did! If you’re splashing out, why not take a scenic flight over the Twelve Apostles? There’s even skydiving for the adrenaline junkies among you!

Being on a budget AND time restriction, what did we opt for? Well, this clear blue water did lure us in but not for anything remotely cool. Hello pedalos!

We were intending to return to Torquay for an afternoon learning to surf but unfortunately, the weather on our drive back was truly terrible! However, with wetsuits and boards for hire from $20, it’s a relatively cheap afternoon of fun and another of those stereotypical Aussie experiences to tick off your list!

The koalas

That’s right, for all us tourists out there, koalas are undoubtedly one of the most exciting parts of Australia. They look adorable and craning to spot them in the trees is an activity in itself. There are a few different hotspots along the Great Ocean Road where koalas can be seen but a quick Google search told us that a road by Kennett River practically guaranteed sightings! So, pulling up outside the Koala Kafe (yes, I know…) we craned our necks upwards for a glimpse.

koala great ocean road

After a tip from a group on their way back, we managed to spot this little chap! We got even luckier in managing to see him move – at quite a pace for a koala too – to find some new leaves for his lunch.

koala victoria australia

It’s hard to summarise such a famous Australia road trip but just know this: prepare to be dazzled. Where else could you find beaches on your left and towering hills covered in green bush forests on your right? Driving the Great Ocean Road is a really fun experience that I’d highly recommend!

lord ard gorge

Have you ever driven the Great Ocean Road? Tell me about your experiences!

Laura x

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