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Born out of extreme wanderlust and a love of exploring different cultures, Wander with Laura is an blog that aims to shed an honest light on affordable, sustainable travel.

Showcasing beautiful destinations isn’t all there is to it here  – although it is a part that I really love. I want to show the realities of backpacking, how it’s still possible to travel while you’re working full time and what it’s like to try and travel sustainably on a budget. In short, alongside the beauty and the glamour of travel, you can also see the realities of how it isn’t always perfect. And I think that’s pretty important.

I also love to veer off topic every now and again so you’ll find foodie posts, reviews and lifestyle writing where I chat about blogging and life alongside my travels.

I really hope you enjoy reading Wander with Laura! If  you want to know more, head to my about me page or contact me. You can also chat to me on Instagram and Twitter.

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