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Although everything may look peachy perfect on social media while people are travelling, the truth is that every day can’t be perfect. Whether it’s suddenly being struck down from illness, a stormy day while you’re staying at a beach resort or purely suffering from a bout of homesickness, it’s natural to sometimes feel like you need a day to relax and recuperate. Luckily, no matter where you are in the world, it can be pretty easy to spend some time recharging your batteries if you catch a case of the travel blues.
watching film laptop Plusnet kindly sent me a package of essentials to get my night in started and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it would be to recreate this treat night in feeling abroad. While it’s unlikely you’ll be carrying DVD’s, almost everybody now will have some kind of device with them while travelling, whether it’s a laptop, mobile or tablet. Log into the wifi and stream a film – when it comes to comfort watching, an old favourite always does the trick for me. This weekend, the BFI LOVE season boxset that had me covered and as I sat down to watch Bridget Jones’s Diary, the familiar music at the start was already making me feel better.
travel blues Tissues and face wipes are two of my absolute must-haves on any trip abroad to keep you feeling fresh, even when you’re desperately needing a hot shower! A face mask would feel like the ultimate indulgence – who else’s skincare routines go completely out of the window as soon as you set foot in a hostel? – and not something I’d ever think to pack in a backpack. But if you’re travelling through Asia, their skincare is renowned for being pretty amazing and picking up just one of the famous sheet masks could give you that pampered feeling you’ve been craving.

So stick on your comfiest clothes, tie your hair back with a comfy headband and even create that movie feeling by making popcorn in the hostel microwave. Sometimes we all need to stop and enjoy a comforting few hours in to help us get over the occasional travel blues and appreciate the busy, exciting times.

If you had to pick your favourite love story, what would it be?

Laura x

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    Eden Mint
    December 19, 2015 at 3:23 pm

    I love using face masks, what a great idea for a travel blues care package 🙂

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