My Sustainability Goals for April 2019

Aren’t the first signs of spring an absolute delight? Sure, it’s not quite as warm as I’d like but I’ve spent my lunch break outside for the first time in 2019 and the evenings are light enough that I don’t want to hibernate from the second I arrive home from work. It sounds ridiculous but as someone who suffers from bouts of anxiety, there’s something about the clocks changing that leaves me feeling lighter and way more energised. I’ve been invigorated to get creative with my sustainability goals for April so let’s dive in and see how March went before I reveal my next two challenges.

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March sustainability round up

Time has a funny habit of creeping up on me – except maybe January where you constantly pray it’ll go faster. After two weeks flitting around the Philippines, February totally whizzed by and it took me a good fortnight to get back into the swing of real life. So I kept things chill and gave myself just one goal to ease myself back in.

Lifestyle: find a cleaning product refill station

When I moved into my flat, I was excited about all the usual things. Draping strings of fairy lights everywhere – tick. Having a space where my friends could come, chill and drink gin in – tick. Oh, and being able to make more ethical purchases on essentials I didn’t have control over before. Sounds like the most boring thing I’ve ever said but it’s true! Although it still feels like I’m playing adult most of the time, one of the first things I did when it came to shopping was seek out an eco-friendly range of cleaning products. I felt relatively happy deciding on the purse-friendly Eco range from Wilko but when these products started running low, I felt uneasy about continuing to buy more and more plastic.

Waste Not Want Not

Luckily, there’s a surprisingly decent amount of low waste shops in my local area and I finally found time to pay a visit to one of them. Waste Not Want Not is actually a stall in Birkenhead Market, somewhere I used to frequent for printed hoodies and crystals back in my emo years but have tried to avoid setting foot in ever since. The market is only open until 5pm, and it’s closed on Sunday, meaning I’ve struggled to find time to get down there before now but I’m so glad I did. Set in the produce section, where I also stocked up on some locally sourced fruit and veg, the shop contains a whole host of zero waste and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional products including beauty, food and cleaning. After filling my spray bottle with an eco-friendly surface cleaner for just 54p (!) I’m keen to go back to refill regularly.

My sustainability goals for April 2019

After allowing myself to slack off a little in March, I’m fully back on it with my sustainability goals for April. Let’s see what exciting things this month will bring…

Lifestyle: buy all cruelty-free beauty products

I can go months without buying any new beauty products so of course, they all seem to empty out at once. My Christmas stash kept me going for a good while but there’s a few products I’ll be needing to replace this month. I’ve been dipping into cruelty free toiletries for a while but I’ve not religiously made the switch yet, out of forgetfulness and laziness in equal measure at times. But for April, I’m determined to do some proper research and test out some exciting new products. With the world’s biggest Lush store now open in Liverpool, I hope this should be a pretty easy goal to stick to!

Lifestyle: no ready meals

When you say ‘ready meal’, I picture the scene from Matilda: soggy food, trays in front of the tv, an air of total despair. Despite the connotations, we all know that’s not remotely accurate with some totally delicious options on the market now – M&S Plant Kitchen (pictured below) being my number one in 2019. But the more aware I become of my single use plastic consumption, the more guilty I feel when I grab a quick sandwich or microwave meal to see me through work. So this month’s challenge is one of my biggest yet, designed to get me out of the habit of leaving everything until the last minute.

M&S Plant Kitchen aubergine
M&S Plant Kitchen mac & cheese

A girl’s still gotta eat (and she eats a lot, let me tell you) so I’m forcing myself to carve out time on Sunday afternoons or a weekday evening to meal prep for the week ahead. That will hopefully mean no risk of opening my fridge each morning, magically hoping some delicious food will have appeared overnight. I’m also thrilled at the added benefits of eating healthier meals AND saving money that I’m hoping this challenge will bring.

As always, let me know if you’ve got any tips for this month’s challenges. The first part of April has been going really well so far so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep it up until my next update.

Laura x

P.S. Find out how I did in my May 2019 Sustainability update.

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