Autumn Style

There’s something undeniably beautiful about the UK in autumn. While my heart will always belong to summer, those few weeks where the sun still brings warmth to your skin through the crisp, golden leaves do have me gazing at my surroundings in awe at times. And along with the changing weather, comes the switch to autumn style.
autumn style

Hat: Asos
Jumper: Topshop
Skirt: Hearts & Bows
Boots: New Look

Autumn style is reliable. Year after year, no matter what the trends, you can rely on seeing those rich familiar shades of burgundy and moss green lining the rails, the hints of earth tones that echo the woods in October. There’s a sense of comfort in layering up in a cosy jumper for a brisk walk with the crisp coolness of the air on your face. I mean, not quite the same sense of satisfaction that I get in feeling the sun beat down on my skin – can you tell that I’m mourning the warmer weather already? – but the festive season approaching is definitely a reason to get excited.

While I’m certainly no expert in fashion, I tend to find autumn style easier in a number of ways. It’s effortless in a different way from just throwing on a flimsy summer dress, sandals and heading out the door. Rather than all the pre-prep that comes with baring your skin in the warmer months, you can don some thick tights and boots without worrying about your unpainted toenails and pale stubbly legs. The results of a desk job can be hidden under that forgiving sweater and bad hair days disguised with a cute beanie. There’s no danger of ordering that pretty top only to find that those cut-outs are actually super unflattering or the length is unacceptably cropped.

In fact, the more I write, the more I love autumn. Hot chocolate anyone? I’m off to light a scented candle and Google my latest travel obsession – a mini break in Iceland. If you’ve seen good deals, send them my way!

Laura x

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