The Most Beautiful Places I’ve Seen

There’s a Sara Sheridan quote that I love. It goes like this:

“There is something particularly fascinating about seeing places you know in a piece of art”

And in the same way, it’s equally fascinating to see a really well-known and familiar sight in reality. Some of the most beautiful places I’ve seen are close to home – an amazing sunset or stunningly clear day – but over the last year, there have been an unbelievable number of moments that took my breath away. Popular tourist spots these may be but oh my, are they beautiful.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris

Because nothing can beat that feeling where you catch a glimpse of it for the first time.
eiffel tower parisDespite the arguments that it’s ugly, a stain on the landscape and more, I can’t help but absolutely adore it.

Sunset at Santa Monica

santa monica beach sunsetI’d heard that sunsets in California were something special but spending this one at Santa Monica beach is a memory I’ll never forget. We couldn’t bear to turn our backs away from the amazing colours painted across the skies behind us.

Lake Lungern, Interlaken, Switzerland

The Swiss countryside is so beautiful that it genuinely brought a few tears to my eyes during my short time there and this view of Lake Lungern was truly unforgettable. How did I ever leave?
interlaken most beautiful places

Hvar, Croatia

Croatia has so many beautiful spots and each island truly has a different charm. When we climbed up towards the fortress in Hvar however, the view we were rewarded with was worth every sweaty step.
Hvar Croatia

Hogwarts, Universal Studios

And just because Harry Potter probably means more to me than most things in my life, Hogwarts. Seeing the castle loom up in front of me is up there in my most excited moments of all time.wizarding world of harry potter universal studio hollywoodHere’s to seeing many more of the world’s most beautiful places…

Laura x

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