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Trying Asian Fusion at Host Liverpool

Liverpool is absolutely buzzing right now and the number of quirky independent restaurants and bars opening each month makes me appreciate my home city that little bit more with every passing day. This also gives me a pretty long list of places I want to visit and one that has been on there for way too long is HOST. Nestled in the heart of Hope Street, HOST specialises in Pan-Asian cuisine that looks delicious yet completely liverpoolThe simplicity of the interior, relaxed atmosphere and friendly team make people of all ages feel welcome and diversity of diners on a quiet Thursday evening was still noticeable. Drooling over the menu for far too long, we took an eternity to finally decide on our meals in between gossiping. Vegan, dairy free or gluten free? Different menu options means you have so many equally mouth watering options. Take a look at this for presentation…host liverpool phoMy meal of choice was seared beef pho with rice noodles and asian vegetables. Soaked in a delicious broth, the tender beef fell apart beautifully and I ate so enthusiastically that the table around me was not looking quite this white by the end of the meal. I have a bad habit of choosing the messiest option possible but it was absolutely liverpool small platesLauren was so torn by the incredible options available that she opted for two of the small plates: deep fried ham hock with masterstock caramel and chilli vinegar and chicken satay with peanut sauce. After a mouthful of each, the ham hock was declared the winner with the sweet caramel and flavoursome meat proving to be a winning combination. Bellies full, we glanced at the incredible dessert menu and vowed to return another day to try – well, every other option on the menu!

If you’re in Liverpool, definitely check out HOST. It’s just a couple of steps down the road from the Philharmonic Hall so it’s perfectly located for a pre-show meal or even for lunch if you’re exploring the Georgian Quarter.

Laura x

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