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Afternoon Tea gets Freaky at Circo…

A British institution in itself, afternoon tea is my favourite treat meal by far. But, craving an alternative afternoon tea from the traditional sandwiches and cakes, I did a little research and discovered Freaky Afternoon Tea at Circo. A whimsical circus-themed venue nestled in the heart of the Albert Dock, the drinks menu is extensive and so, keen to see whether the food options measured up, some of the girls and I headed down for a post-birthday catch-up.
G & Tease PotFor £12.95 each, Freaky Afternoon Tea is served with one of Circo’s creative mocktails or you can upgrade to a ‘G n Tease’ pot for £16.95 each. Never ones to turn down a gin, we opted for the latter and were presented with two beautiful china teapots filled with an utterly delicious cocktail. Two pots kept the five of us happy throughout the afternoon. Not a fan of gin? Ask for a vodka or rum based concoction instead. Drinks poured, we turned our attention to the slate boards filled with goodies that had just arrived…
alternative afternoon tea liverpoolReplacing sandwiches on the menu was an edgy (and very meaty) selection to rival any burger joint in town. circo mini burgersWe enjoyed miniature cheese burgers, hot dogs, pulled pork stackers and chicken skewers: my personal favourite was the juicy pulled pork and we all would have taken another burger over the chicken skewers. The sizes were perfect for us to savour the tasty flavours without filling us up before the incredible selection of sweet treats came out.circo freaky teaPopcorn spilled artfully from faux-newspaper cone while popping candy cheesecake and rocky road were stacked precariously in top of each other in a mouthwatering display of decadence. Caramelized sheets of sugar holding yet more popcorn fanned out of the still-warm scones and curious swirls of pastry were dotted around the board. On tasting, these turned out to be mini banana omelettes smothered in chocolate sauce. Balanced in the corner was a bowl of blue jelly, complete with Haribo swimming fish.
circo rocky roadWe loaded up our plates and got stuck in. The rocky road was deliciously rich, complemented beautifully by the light cheesecake – although we did get a surprise when our mouths started popping from the candy topping! The scones were enjoyed by all although trying the jelly was made a little difficult by the fact we didn’t have spoons. I did persevere with a fork to find that it was pleasantly bubblegum flavoured, although the sweetie fish are to be avoided at all costs.
circo cake platterAlongside their standard afternoon tea option, Freaky Afternoon Tea at Circo is available between 12pm and 6pm daily. If you’re looking for an alternative afternoon tea to the norm in Liverpool, I’d highly recommend giving it a go; in fact, maybe stay a little longer to sample the extensive cocktail menu. We left impressed and with very content appetites!

Laura x

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