Alternate ways to see Europe

Most of us are used to hopping on an aeroplane or taking the Eurostar when we’re heading into Europe, and these are both great ways of getting around the mainland. However, there are so many other ways to see Europe, and each mode of travel puts its own unique spin on your experience. Here’s three alternative ways you can get around Europe, each of which will show you the continent from a new perspective.
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Road trip

A staple of American culture, the road trip has never had the same the same connotations in Europe, where trains and planes have always been preferred to automobiles. However, there are so many benefits of getting around the continent in a car; you can make your own schedule and travel whenever is convenient for you, enjoy the privacy of your own vehicle, and see parts of Europe you never would otherwise.

Jump on the ferry at Dover and you’ll be dropped off at Calais. From there, you’ll be able to make your way around some of the most iconic locations in central Europe, which are all connected by an excellently maintained road system. If you were looking to explore somewhere a bit further away from home, you can jump on a flight to anywhere in Europe and simply hire a car. Do this through a European-wide company, such as Europcar, and you’ll have the added benefit of being able to drop the car off at any of their depots, allowing you to end your trip wherever you want and hop on a flight back home.


If you love to keep yourself fit and enjoy a physical challenge, cycling around Europe can be one of the most enjoyable ways to get around the continent. Whether you want to test yourself by following in the tracks of the famous Tour de France or you’d prefer to forge your own route, you’re guaranteed to get an intimate and unforgettable view of whichever part of Europe you explore.

If you’re interested in traveling Europe by bike, take a look at the Eurovelo maps. These cycle routes are planned around quiet, car-free roads, with as little time spent on motorways as possible. A journey along any of the 13 routes will show you some of the best scenery Europe has to offer and take you to some of its most iconic sites and cities.

River Cruise

If you’re looking for a totally stress-free experience of Europe, try a river cruise. Simply sit back and relax as you’re taken from one iconic destination to the next. This is the perfect means of travel for anyone who wants to see the sights that Europe has to offer without the hassle of making separate travel and accommodation arrangements. It can also give you a view of the continent you’d never get otherwise, as you put your feet up and watch the beautiful scenery float by.

Companies like The River Cruise Line offer trips that stop off at some of Europe’s most stunning locations and historic cities, and if you’re looking for a calm and hassle-free holiday, they’re the perfect option. You can also extend your trip by train, plane, or car to see even more of what Europe has to offer before returning home.

Keep these alternative ways to see Europe in mind when you’re planning your next trip, as they will show you sides of the continent you would never see in a plane or train.

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