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The island of Penang in Malaysia has become tourist hotspot for those seeking great food and oodles of culture. In 2016, Lonely Planet and Forbes were among those recommending Penang as one of their must-see tourist destinations and its attraction is unmistakable. In particular, it was wandering the streets of Georgetown that left us feeling completely enamored with the city. We sipped refreshing drinks in a geeky cafe filled with comic book figurines and Lego then window shopped for quirky souvenirs – I’m now regretting not getting spendy in the treasure trove of quirky stores!

Kids on swing Penang

One of the best parts of exploring was finding little roads filled with art. While different artists have worked on the streets, their styles have a similarity that make it seem really cohesive. Many of the installations use also 3D which makes the pieces feel really special.

Old Motorcycle Georgetown

Kids on Bicycle Georgetown

Basketball kids

Some of the pieces are great for novelty poses…

Georgetown Penang street art

Georgetown street art Malaysia

…while others beautifully depict scenes of everyday life.

Street art Malaysia

Boy on Chair Penang Malaysia

Georgetown food stall

One of my favourites was ‘Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur’ – I thought it was the cutest idea!

Georgetown's Best Street Art

I hope that this post of few words can show just a little of the character of Georgetown’s streets. Malaysia has so many neighbourhoods that are beautiful to walk around but this tops the list for me.

Step by step road art

Laura x

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Discovering Georgetown's Best Street Art, Malaysia | Wander with Laura

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