From one Greek island to another after just a day back in the UK, Kefalonia immediately struck me as being noticeably quieter than Crete. My family and I stayed in the southern resort of Skala which, while popular with Brits, unfortunately didn’t really offer anything unique for me. However, the unspoilt island is incredibly picturesque and so we hired a car to find out what else Kefalonia had to offer.

Myrtos Beach

Famous for being a location in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. Did you know that this stunning white beach is actually made up of pebbles rather than sand?
Myrtos Beach KefaloniaThe turquoise shades in the water are almost too beautiful to look away from.Kefalonia SeaKefalonia


This small town is right up my street. Overlooking a bay with clear blue water, the winding streets were wonderfully peaceful – despite the landscape being dominated by the ruin of a Venetian fortress!
Kefalonia StepsAssos Kefalonia

Melissani Cave and Lake

As you walk underground here, feeling the air grow noticeably cooler, the cave opens out to reveal a spectacular lake within. Unfortunately, you can’t swim in the stunning water but boats are constantly going back and forth into both chambers. While it’s only a short tour, it’s definitely worth seeing if you are visiting Kefalonia.IMG_0721 melissani cavemelissani lake Kefalonia

Laura x