I’m having a blogging crisis.

What a melodramatic way to start. But it’s hard to put this into words so let’s start with just one. Inadequacy.

Great Ocean Road sunset


Over the last five years, blogging has changed from a hobby to a viable career path. Today, my feed is filled with professional-style photography, brand partnerships and highly curated content. These standards are an exciting challenge yet seemingly impossible to achieve. Because of this, I’m often left feeling well and truly stuck.

The thing is, it’s easy to get sucked into doing what you think you should be doing. The best way to take photographs or the best headlines for the most clicks. There is so much advice out there about personal branding, Instagram themes and all this stuff that didn’t even exist a few years ago that it can become overwhelming.

I’m guilty of almost drowning in this constant chase for perfection and I don’t even know why. There’s a lot of beauty in posting the best moments but what about the rest? What about the hostel horror stories or the hilarious mishaps? After all, I’m just a 25 year old who looks constantly scruffy on the road from residing in hostel rooms with no A/C. I’ve found myself not writing about some of the best days because I was too busy enjoying myself to take ‘proper’ photographs. As someone who really loves writing and sharing, this is pretty sad.

Moving forward, I still want to share tips, advice and information in a really clear and concise way. Posts like How to Budget in New Zealand were a lifeline to me when planning a trip so sharing my version was important to me. But I also want to tell stories that people can connect with. Great quality posts that make me happy to press publish. Pulling it together might take time to resolve but basically, I want my voice to feel real again.

It’s taken me forever to write this post and yet I’m finishing up feeling more inspired than I have in months. That’s got to be a good sign, right?

Laura x