A Summer Picnic

Dreaming about the summer always brings certain images to mind: sitting on checkered summer picnic blankets with crusty sandwiches in Rhosneigr, days at the beach with friends and long walks in the sun. It’s been harder to squeeze things in this year and being utterly exhausted from having my brain firmly in ‘GO’ mode means I’ll often flop down on my bed, forgetting that this gorgeous weather is limited. So yesterday, I awoke full of determination to make this Saturday a memorable one.

summer picnic

Following an early morning gym session, my boyfriend had to nip into work to sort out a mini crisis so I decided to put on a little picnic lunch to cheer him up. With only two of us attending, I couldn’t go too crazy but couldn’t help getting a few little extras to go with our sandwiches. The Animal biscuits were a genius find, if I do say so myself, and no summer picnic is complete without cocktail sausages. I also chopped up some fruit to go along with our ice-cream soda – just drop a scoop of vanilla ice cream into lemonade – for something a bit more refreshing. Luckily, it was only when we’d eaten our fill that a wasp decided to dive-bomb us…

How do you like to spend summer days?
Laura x

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